Monday, 14 September 2009

380kmh in R34 GTR, 1500ps and 12000rpm!!

Can this be done, well "friends" lets find out....

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Friends Racing S14.5 Silvia runs 9.113!!!

Fantastic new results for Friends Racing, their Silvia is potentially the most powerful SR silvia in Japan

Friday, 11 September 2009

Escort Racing run 7.670 in their Type M Skyline

Escort Racing recently ran a 7.771 then a 7.670 to make them the fastest RWD pro Class car in Japan. There are a few cars tho in the making, that are trying to take that title back, one is Garage Saurus with the ex HKS 180sx, the other is Blitz Toyota I hope this years final will be very interesting in Oct/Nov @ Sendai. I will be there with Kenta to grab many photos and movies :)

Garage Saurus Pro Drag R33 GTR 1100kg/1100ps

a 2700cc Monster.....7s are not far away.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

907ps at under 7000rpm on Endless-Racing RB26 2771cc engine

This 2771cc Rb26 is no ordanary stroker kit, its a full HKS Hideck drag racing engine, the very same that is found in HKS R33 GTR that ran 7sec passes in the early 2000s. This Dyno results below was the first time endless-r wound up the boost to 2.5kg/cm, the result is an astonishing 907ps (894hp) @ 6564rpm. Trust helped organise the dyno to test their T88-38GK 22cm turbo to get an actual power reading at its 2.5kg/cm limit. While all was going well, suddenly there was a huge bang....Sugino san knew exactly what had happened, we had blown off a boost pipe. (no problem he muttered, prepairing to re-tighten and make another run, however the local police thought otherwise. And I had to say, I would have complained also. The muffler on this car is soo noisy, no back boxes etc and has something like a 6" tail on the end.
The location of the dyno meant that the houses at the rear of the shop could hear everything, and sadly dyno operator and trust called it a day. But still what a power result, in 1000rpm it has a 600hp powerband! and thats wheel hp folks. Dynapac say a correction of 1.20 will give flywheel hp, that makes this car push out 1088ps (1073hp) at the flywheel. Although Sugino san and Trust were shocked at the power, I couldnt help think that any more RPM and this turbo will be into the choke line. Trust previously provided me with turbo data for the T88-38GK and the max PR is 3.5 (which we were at the limit) giving 14.7psi = 1bar. So great reasult, but I am sure the engine needs a bigger turbo...hmmm T100-R shi-yo-ka? :)

Garage Saurus R35 GTR 830cc injectors and Coilpacks

These are the injectors that Garage Saurus have for their R35 GTR 830ps run, as you can see, the injectors from doing the math can flow around more horse power, around 850hp to be exact, Shows that the engine of the R35 GTR is very efficient, hence I gave a VE of 0.50 which is about as good as you can get on a forced inducted engine.

New for me too see, is Okada Projects coil packs for the R35 GTR, and great to see aswell. They work very well on RB26 engines.